Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DiY Stain Remover... the MEGA version!

So you all saw my post about the DiY Stain Remover for your clothes.. right?? Well unfortunately that recipe is great, if you have a stack of clothes with stains on them.  It only makes enough to use about 3-4 times.  So I tried to double, even triple the original recipe to make it in a spray bottle and it ended up clogging the spray tube.

LUCKILY I had pinned another stain remover recipe.. and it turns out it is using the same stuff that I used but in larger quantities!! SCORE!

DiY Stain Remover (to keep in a bottle)
2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide
1 cup Dawn dish soap (blue is best)
1/2 cup Baking Soda
You'll have to really shake it up good to get the baking soda dissolved..otherwise you will clog up your tube.  And after shaking it up.. I would not put the sprayer back on until you've let it sit for awhile.. the pressure has to go down.
Now you're good to go.  Keep it handy to get stains out of clothes before laundering!!! Especially if you use my DiY Laundry Soap because it doesn't have stain remover in it already like some brands do. :)
Xoxo- Kacy