Monday, May 20, 2013

DiY Kitchen Cleaner / Odor Absorber

This is the post I'd like to called a "twofer".. you're getting a two-for-one post. :) I've been intending to write about a certain subject for a couple of weeks now and the other subject was just discovered so I thought I'd throw the two together.

This concoction might look unappetizing, but that is because it is not meant for you to eat.  This is orange peels & vinegar.  Get you some oranges and eat the innards and save the peels in a mason jar.  When somewhat full, fill up with vinegar just enough to cover all the peels and seal the jar and leave it in your kitchen for 2 weeks.  This gives it enough time to really soak up the peels.  Then strain the peels and put the orange-y vinegar in a spray bottle and now you have a great smelling and great cleaning agent for your kitchen counters! I went all over the kitchen cleaning things and not only did it smell good but everything was shining!!!!

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Now to the Odor Absorber..........

I have had this nagging stench in my bathroom for weeks.  I'd clean the tub, the vanity, the toilet a million times and could never get rid of it.  Then I saw on Pinterest about putting BAKING SODA in the toilet bowl and it'll absorb the odor!! So all you do is put 1 CUP of Baking Soda in your toilet bowl and walk away for an hour.  So a good time to do it would be right before you go to clean your bathroom. I did it while I was doing my floors.  Then an hour later just go back and flush and VOILA!!! Odor gone!!! I'm a believer!!!

Keep Baking Soda on hand..... there is so much you can do with it! :) The website that the Pin led me to also has 75 other uses for check it out! Life Hackery

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Happy Pinning!! :)


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